When I was your age Canadians cheered for Canadian teams in the Playoffs…

Somewhere on the Eastern shore of Japan What’s with all the Sens neglect these days? With the Canucks out of 2012 Stanley Cup contention in true Vancouver style (no offence), the Ottawa Senators stand as the lone Canadian franchise doing battle for the glory and honour of our country. When I was your age that meant something!

Sure, I understand that you may still be supporting your favourite team in the second season, and that’s OK. However, when I was a kid, once my team was out, my attention would immeditately turn to the other remaining Canadian teams. Last season the entire country seemed to be behind Vancouver in their run for the Cup, but that doesn’t seem to be the same situation with Ottawa this time around.

The problem with the Sens is that they don’t get nearly as much respect as the other teams in the Northeast Division. The blue “Pest” in the West, and by that, I mean, the Leafs, would sooner hold the Montreal Canadiens their true rival, with Buffalo a close second due to a colourful history of struggle with the almost American Sabres. And, unfortunately for the Sens, the story is not much different with the tri-coloured Beast in the East. Most Habs fans would be quick to tell you that the Toronto Maple Leafs are their real rival, with the Bruins down in Boston holding their second seed of hatred. Poor Ottawa… No one cares about them enough to REALLY hate them.

You have to feel for the Sens a little. As it stands right now they are the shining star of Canadian clubs, but the nation doesn’t appear to be behind them at all. For some reason they have a reputation in Ontario (and beyond?) for being a sub-par hockey team. But let’s face it, they’ve seen A LOT more playoff action than the Leafs in recent years, even if they do usually blow it in the first round. P.S. As I write this the Sens are leading the Rangers 1-0 in Game 6!

So, this year I aim to change the stigma attached to the Sens Army, and acknowledge that Ottawa is a force to be reckoned with and not simply overlooked, as even I am guilty of doing in the past. And since the Canucks and Pens have successfully made an ass out of me, I am going all in Sens! I know it’s probably a fool’s gamble, but what the hell! A Sens/Yotes Stanley Cup Final is the closest thing we’re going to get to an all Canadian series this season! Plus I do love that Scotiabank Place poutine!

Ganbatte, Ottawa!!

P.S. I may have grown up a diehard Leafs fan, but I will always be a 30 team lady! And, YES, I do own a Sens jersey! It was purchased at my first road NHL game; a 2005-06 playoff game versus Buffalo that I deferred a university exam to go to. It was the first time I had ever heard a LOUD hockey arena…

Top Photo: 2007-08 Flyers/Sens preseason game at Scotiabank Place. You may recall Steve Downie killing Dean McAmmond that night. Clearly my hair didn’t survive the commute from Toronto.


2 Responses to When I was your age Canadians cheered for Canadian teams in the Playoffs…

  1. unknown says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Emily says:

    ahhh. I have to disagree with you. I’m not a fan of cheering for a team based on their geographical location, ie Ottawa “because they are the last Canadian team” [unless of course you live in the city]. I probably cheered for the ‘Canadian team’ when I was young but haven’t for a few years now.
    I can’t be certain, since I haven’t counted yet, but I am sure that one of the ‘American’ teams likely has as many or more Canadian teams than Ottawa. Which even is Ottawa won the Cup, bringing it back to Canada wouldn’t be entirely true, since it might end up spending more time abroad over the summer.
    I said before the playoffs started that the Rangers would win this series but the Sens just might take it.
    But that’s just my opinion.

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