Top 10 Tuesday: You may be a puck bunny if this is your Facebook Timeline!

Somewhere on the Eastern shore of Japan Oh, Facebook – passer of time, destroyer of lives! Like most of you out there, I was none too pleased to learn that Facebook was once again planning to F with its layout! This new Timeline dealie seemed their worst idea yet, but I actually had no idea how horrible it was until I, too, got Timelined! I hate to admit it, but I’ve been on Facebook since 2004; back when it was THEFacebook, and you had to be a university student in order to use it. Remember the good old days when your Facebook wall was just this open space that people could write on wherever they wanted, and even erase what other people had written?! Remember all the secrets and scandalous posts you thought had long since been lost and buried in the unknown depths of Facebook? Well now thanks to Timeline, they are back and easier to manage than ever before! So for this rare installment of Top 10 Tuesday we look back at some of the posts others have adorned my wall with, and all that they imply about who I am as a hockey fan hahaha! Enjoy – I know I did!

#10 From Todd (December 2008): Stupid Avery.

#9 From Krys (October 2009): must be nice to go to all these hockey games, but I’ll be in Montreal on Saturday for the Leafs game, that beats all your games … heheh

#8 From Michael (December 2004): Katrina is the sexiest name in the world. I LOVE IT like you have no idea. Will you be my hockey momma? I need some new stick tape, and a back rub after the game… hehe

#7 From Jason (September 2005): i saw a guy in a leafs hat today and i told him he makes me want to vomit

#6 From Cindy (June 2006): your new fav walked by. he’s wandering around i think. [From my Maple Leaf Sports days… and by “fav” she means player. Though, I can’t remember who my fav was at the time LOL]

#5 From Paula (December 2005): hey…not cool…I wanna join the I love hockey players club…hello its me, I really love hockey players, especially ex-St. Mike’s hockey players

#4 From Nick (April 2005): Now, I know you think that St John’s is the greatest AHL team in the world, so, how many games for them to destroy Milwaukee in the playoffs??

#3 From Michelle (December 2010): Forgot to mention…search for “Katrina Cady Shea Weber.” LOL. Why does everyone think that?! HAHA.

#2 From Alyssa (August 2010): Hey Girl! Im staying at the Sheraton in Newfoundland and the Team Canada junior mens hockey team is here!!!! Should I start handing out your phone number?
Miss you:)

#1 From Nick (December 2004): Hope you’re enjoying the domination of the WJs. I don’t know about you, but I see a great improvement over last year. I can’t quite pinpoint the cause, but it definitely looks like they trimmed some fat. The benches look cold too.

Top Photo: The FIRST time I saw the J. Ross Robertson Cup hoisted at Hershey Centre. Mississauga Ice Dogs vs. Guelph Storm in May 2004. I was a wee thing of 18! ;)

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One Response to Top 10 Tuesday: You may be a puck bunny if this is your Facebook Timeline!

  1. Jim says:

    Haha… Too funny!

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