Top 10 Tuesday: Reasons to be a Blackhawks fan in 2011-12.

After the somewhat disappointing Free Agent Frenzy on July 1st, I’m sure everyone is now carefully forecasting which teams will do well in the upcoming 2011-12 NHL season. Let the renewed Leafs/Rangers rivalry begin! I have meticulously reviewed all the signings and trades over the summer thus far, and have determined, with the most scientific of formulae, that the Chicago Blackhawks are the team to watch this year. This week’s Top 10 Tuesday will look at all the reasons why you, too, should become a Hawks fan this hockey season. Enjoy! And, ladies, you’re welcome!

10. Sami Lepisto in a suit.

I like my hockey players the way I like my chicken wings… SPICY! Arriba!

9. Sami Lepisto out of doors.

Also available indoors.

8. Sami Lepisto on a plane.

Or a boat, mother fuckers.

7. Sami Lepisto with a scratch.

He’s a lover not a fighter, clearly…

6. Sami Lepisto (fairly) clean shaven.

Hello… why didn’t you play for the Kitchener Rangers in 2002?!

5. Sami Lepisto with 4 days worth of stubble.

At least I hope that’s 4 days worth and not something ridiculous like a year…

4. Sami Lepisto at minimum smolder.


3. Sami Lepisto at medium smolder.


2. Sami Lepisto at maximum smolder.

Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife!

1. Sami Lepisto bringing his A-game.

…… *quietly discards Leafs jersey.*

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2 Responses to Top 10 Tuesday: Reasons to be a Blackhawks fan in 2011-12.

  1. Tam says:

    Sami is hot.


  2. Maan says:

    The greatest hocks are really here! Great job, Blackhawks! Kings Tickets

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