Top 10 Tuesday: Hockey Lookalikes Part 3

I know it’s not Tuesday, but I’ve been ever so busy with several etcs to blog as of late. So here is the third installment of hockey lookalikes for you to enjoy in the meantime. It has been a couple years since my last Top 10 Lookalikes list, so I hope you can appreciate its glorious revival. My favourites are still Bettman & The Penguin, and The Staals & The Ginger Kids! Enjoy!

10. Ryan Strome & Mr. Burns

I don’t know that I personally agree with it, but it is the consensus around Niagara! You can catch top prospect, Mr. Strome, in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft later this month. Excellent…

9. Hal Gill & David Clarkson

The dynamic duo of studliness. I’d go to both of these places. Now if only we could get them on the same team!

8. GM Garth Snow & Mitt Romney

Separated at birth? Faithful Islanders fans sure seem to think so!

7. Atlanta Thrashers & Winnipeg Jets

Hmm… who do the Coyotes look like now?

6. Dustin Boyd & A young Justin Timberlake

He’s bringing sexy back, yeah…

5. Scottie Upshall & Kermit the Frog

Upshall is no stranger to my Top 10 Lookalikes list, but I feel that this is my most accurate portrayal of him to date!

4. Mike Richards & Ryan Gosling

If you ladies didn’t already love Mike Richards, I bet you do now! I should also note that Gosling looks eerily like the Scottish-Australian in that picture! Sometimes I’m a very lucky girl.

3. Sami Lepisto & Somewhere I’d go if given the chance ;)


2. Mike Thomas & Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Ample man-fur is the trait clearly binding 2011 Memorial Cup winner, Mike Thomas, and Hacksaw together on this list.

1. Tim Thomas & An actual PIMP

Enough said.

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