Top 10 Tuesday: Best Shit Hockey Players Say

If you follow me on Twitter (@PsychoPuckLady), then you know that over the last couple days I’ve been obsessed with this new account @ShitHkyPlyrsSay. Sure, it’s a cheap rip off of Shit My Dad Says, which has been tried again and again by other hopefuls trying to gain success from this Justin character’s creative idea, but as a female in hockey, I can really identify with these tweets. It has that whole, “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true” thing going for it. I don’t often do this, but I think we should show this user our support, so she (I assume she’s a girl) doesn’t get discouraged, and, therefore, stop entertaining me! Yes, I’m selfish sometimes. I’m shocked @ShitHkyPlyrsSay only has 120 followers because not only does she tweet texts, messages, Facebook statuses, and quotes from the hockey players in her life, but she also retweets some of the ridiculous things that come from some of your favourite hockey player Twitter feeds! Never miss another hockey fail tweet again! Thanks to @ShitHkyPlyrsSay, I didn’t miss Joffrey Lupul’s deleted Stevie Wonder tweet! Anyway, I decided to devote this week’s Top 10 Tuesday to @ShitHkyPlyrsSay, and count down some of the best Tweets from her first 48 hours of existence in the Twitter world. Enjoy and click here to follow @ShitHkyPlyrsSay on Twitter!

#10 “I would have loved to be in Pittsburgh, but they didn’t want me. They said I was too small.”

#9 [Post Hook Up Facebook Status] “Did last night really happen? Shake and bake!”

#8 “Sorry I can’t aim.”

#7 “What’s the 5-hole?? Oh haha. Anal.”

#6 “I play pro hockey. You can Google me.”

#5 “This bracelet is made from one of my skate laces from the year my team was fourth…I mean…first in the…whole country…”

#4 “Don’t worry I’ll muck the barn good!”

#3 “If you’re not too cool for me and wanna party when I’m back from Germany playing for Team Canada, then let me know.”

#2 “I’m wearing this because it’s a lei and I’m getting laid.”

#1 “I’m a professional athlete. I play hockey. In the NHL.”

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ron Doi, NHL Outlaw. NHL Outlaw said: Top 10 Best Shit Hockey Players Say http://www.psycholadyhockey.com/top-10-tuesday-best-shit-hockey-players-say/ :D @ShitHkyPlyrsSay […]

  2. Bummy says:

    You are very entertaining and maybe a bit intelligent. Damn you for not playing into my idea of what you would be like. But that’s a good thing. Keep it up.

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