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Friday, February 8th, 2013

The Art of the Hockey Road Trip

Toronto, ON People often tell me that they wish they could be doing what I do, and I never really know what to say to them. I don’t have special privileges or magical powers, I just have skewed priorities. I go to hockey games because I like hockey, and I travel because I like traveling. You see, I’m not a materialistic person. I don’t buy a lot of stuff for myself, and I don’t shop for the sake of shopping. I buy a new pair of jeans when the old pair rips. My “fashion” sense has never changed, and I can still wear what’s left of my clothes from the eighth grade! So I guess what I’m saying here is that my money mostly just goes to hockey. Most people take beach vacations when they save up enough cash, and well, I haven’t taken one of those vacations since I graduated FROM HIGH SCHOOL. So you see, I give up a lot to live this dream. My point is, if you want to take a road trip, then take a road trip!! Now, I may not have mystical powers, but I do have hockey road trips down to a fine science, and I’ve decided to share some of my secrets from the road, so that you, too, can embark upon your own Psycho brand hockey road trip. Enjoy!

Partner-in-crime Selection Process

Let’s begin our road trip by selecting your partner-in-crime. First of all, as you know, I prefer to road trip alone at this point, but that’s not to say I haven’t gone on great trips with my hockey friends. After all, you may find that you need someone to give you a boost to get out of your hotel room and go exploring on those days when the weather is particularly shitty. Other people can be great motivators. That said, there are definitely some toxic people to avoid on road trips. Does your potential partner-in-crime fall asleep watching TV shows or driving short distances? If so, you will get no driving assistance from this individual, and you’re better off going alone. A co-pilot who sleeps instead of staying awake talking to you is useless. Especially if you consider that you can’t even crank up the tunes to keep yourself awake because they are peacefully dozing.

Another person to avoid is the generic bimbo. Believe it or not there are people out there who can’t read maps or even properly read directions from a Google Maps print out. The nice thing about having another person in the car is that you don’t have to multitask. A co-pilot, who can’t even tell you when your exit is coming up, might as well not be there. I was unfortunate enough to have an airhead like this sticking around for a few years. However, I was lucky in that I have an inability to get lost. If I have been someplace once, I can always find my way back unassisted, which was great in those days when I only had a select few rinks that I visited frequently. Remember… GPS systems are for the weak!

The last person to avoid on your road trip is the smoker. Smokers are worse than people with weak bladders. They are constantly begging to take cigarette breaks because they can’t go more than an hour or so without lighting up. I’m all about making great time, so this kind of stuff irritates me.


I am a light packer no matter what. I don’t believe in actually checking baggage unless I’m moving across the planet for a year or two. I use a carry-on sized bag for everything, which means I have to be careful about what actually gets packed on those trips that require planes instead of cars. Refillable travel sized shampoo bottles are lifesavers. If you haven’t noticed, I change my hair colour as often as I change my mood, so my hair usually needs something a little more professional than the shit you find in your hotel bathroom. Save your money, and buy these bottles at a dollar store.

In terms of clothing, I never pack more clothes than exactly what I need with the exception of a spare set in case a flight gets cancelled, or I end up with something spilled all over myself. Back in university I was sent to the Leadership Conference in Pittsburgh as the Vice President of my sorority. We learned all sorts of etiquette and survival tips for making a good first impression, and I suppose some of it stuck. Although dresses are generally a waste of suitcase space on a multi-game hockey trip, I’ll never forget the lesson of making sure to always have a spare set of pantyhose in your purse. I don’t, but this lesson caused me to now carry ONE (only ONE) extra outfit on the road with me. I also always make sure to have a Tide pen and face wipes on me at all times.

Want the Psycho Lady advantage? Pyjamas are usually bulky and just take up precious space in your carry-on bag. Leave them at home. Sleep naked. I always do *winks at the hot guy in the adjoining room at my hotel in Winnipeg!*

The Science of the Playlist

One weekend I was in NYC for my sister’s birthday. I flew from NYC to Buffalo, grabbed my car, and hit the road for DC and my first visit to Verizon Center. But the madness didn’t end there. Right after the Caps game ended (it was a 7:30 start) I was back in the car and drove 22 hours directly to Dallas without stopping. People often ask how I keep myself awake on the road, and the answer is simple – my Hockey Roadie playlist.

There is a fine science to putting together a playlist designed to keep you engaged and awake on the road. You can’t just choose your favourite songs because certain types of music are just going to put you to sleep no matter how much you love that band. Choose songs you like, but only those that have a lot of energy. If you know all the lyrics by heart that’s a major plus. I find singing keeps me going, too. Now, make sure you keep on top of your playlist, though, and never embark on a trip if you’ve grown tired of some of the tracks. The second you notice yourself skipping over songs when they come on, get rid of them. The point of the hockey playlist is to keep your energy at a certain level. The second an overplayed song brings you down, your eyelids could be next!

I would also recommend getting satellite radio. There are plenty of stretches of highway where radio signals are limited, and finding a station to listen to can be a pain in the ass. Also, satellite radio is commercial free, which is another major plus!

Staying Awake on the Road

Of course, sometimes a great playlist just isn’t enough to keep you from passing out. If your fatigue is really bad, then you should probably be pulling over and taking a nap, but nevertheless here are a couple tips. Chances are your eyes are working overtime because you’ve been driving on unlit portions of highway for a long period of time, which is only making you more sleepy. I find that simply going to the next lit area is enough to wake me up again. Take the next exit to the nearest gas station, and let your pupils return to their normal size. I also enjoy pulling into roadside hotels and stealing their wireless signals. I have also been known to slap myself in the face to wake up, but that was on a desperate commute from Buffalo to Long Island many years ago.

Road Trip Diet

I’m definitely not proud of the way I eat on the road, but I am proud of the fact that I tend to lose weight instead of gain it while traveling. If you’re spending days in the car, it can be hard to not continuously hit the fast food drive-thru. I tend to buy my food for the road at gas stations, which also helps me save time since I can refill the tank and stock up on food all in one go. I try not to eat sugary stuff, and tend to stick to a diet of…. *blushes* SlimJims and low kcal energy drinks. Yes, I’m disgusting. While in Winnipeg I had made a mad dash to a convenience store for my usual buys, and was seen by one of the Florida Panthers. I tried to run away from him with my disgusting “meat” products, but he caught up to me at the elevators. “Just make eye contact and maybe he won’t notice what’s sticking out of your bag…”

I recommend truck stops for all your snacking needs. They always have a wider selection of stuff, especially energy drinks, and they always have plenty of sales.

Optimal Functionality

I remember back when a lot of the shiteaters trolled my site, and ran their mouth because “real” hockey fans don’t care about what they look like at hockey games. Obviously, their feeling is that trying to look good for a hockey game means you’re trying to look good for the players, and that’s just not the case. I love my road trips to get as scandalous as possibly, and quite frankly that spicy male sitting in the row behind me, or sleeping in the room next to me is unlikely to be down for the Psycho Lady challenge if I actually look like shit. Wow, just like in real life, eh? So, like all things, there is a science to looking somewhat presentable on the road, especially given that you don’t have the suitcase space to bring your full arsenal.

Hair is the big thing with me on the road. Believe it or not, my hair is naturally bone straight, and straight hair needs a lot of attention. If I didn’t “do” my hair the way I do it, it would be tangled, and blahhh all day long. My policy is to “over do” my hair in the morning, which gives me the freedom to let it fall naturally throughout the day, and be less large and Texas-like come game time. I also do this so that I am free to explore and create mischief during the day, and I’m not a slave to having to fix myself up all day long just in case I’m seated next to someone at the game, who I might want to see naked. So, for me and my straight “doll” hair as my stylist describes it, a good mousse goes a LONG way on the road. The problem is that travel-sized mousse is hard to find these days, and the product doesn’t transfer well to a refillable container. This is why I was sooooo excited to discover a powdered mousse prior to my Florida Panthers 4-nighter that actually works better than the liquid stuff, and it’s carry-on friendly!

Hair is also important for me since it distracts from my horrible fashion sense, which can only be described as “functional.” My whole life has essentially been jeans, shirt, leather jacket, repeat. The good thing is that not being fashionable makes it very easy to be a light and functional packer. This bare essentials rule applies to make up, too, ladies. Don’t pack anything you aren’t going to use! One perfume! One eyeliner! One mascara!


I don’t have too many superstitions when it comes to road trips these days, just general preferences, like which bridge to the US I believe is least likely to hate me for going to hockey games. In the past I used to create a trail for my credit card companies, which I believed would prevent them from freezing my card if they thought I was somebody else using it in the States suspiciously. Whenever I was at a gas station or restaurant I always made sure the total on my receipt ended in a 0 or a 5. I’m not sure if that actually worked, but my card never froze.

Another “fact” of the road… If you pack condoms in your overnight bag, you’ll never need to unpack them! Of course, when you don’t have them is when you actually need them. Best not to jinx yourself, and just buy them later!

***Bonus*** The NHL Footprint

The fact that I saw the same NHL team play twice in two different cities made me realize how much I missed having one team, and seeing them play at all the different rinks that I explore. I suppose I should figure out which team is actually mine, eh? So I can relive the magic of old, I mean. Hockey road trips are always fun with a bit or drama, and there’s nothing quite like the drama of staying at the same hotel as an NHL team. Now every time I have booked the same hotel as an NHL team it has been a total fluke, and sometimes I didn’t even know they were there until I was leaving. I heard that the Panthers were at the same hotel as me in Buffalo, too, but I never actually saw them or any trace of them the entire time I was there.

That said, it may be hard to find out where your team is staying BEFORE you book your hotel, but there are definitely some signs to tip you off that they are staying there or that they are coming. Autograph hounds, typically men with backpacks and folders, who lurk around the hotel grounds waiting for teams to arrive, or for players to go out for dinner or the morning skate. They are hard to miss. Although these men are usually in the know when it comes to keeping tabs on NHL team agendas, they aren’t always right. One time I was staying in Pittsburgh, and saw some hounds waiting outside, but there was definitely no NHL team staying at my hotel that night.

Another tip is that hotels try to make check in very painless for NHL players, so they have all their room keys and name cards laid out for them before they arrive. If you spot a table with a bunch of name cards and possibly refreshments on it in the lobby, you don’t even have to get close enough to read the names to know what’s coming. After the Panthers game in Winnipeg Tuesday night, I came back to my hotel and went to the lobby bar to grab a drink and see what types on man-stallions might be lurking around (none *whimpers*). When I retired to my room, I stopped to ask the front desk about transportation options to the airport since I was going to be checking out in 5 hours. I noticed the telltale name cards on the table behind the woman working the front desk that night. Sure enough the Leafs were en route from Washington.

Top Photo: Winnipeg! Still so proud of discovering this powdered mousse!


Thursday, July 14th, 2011

A brief history of hockey buddies… (and by “brief” I actually mean “long”)

From the backseat of my V, I’m a P-I-M-P…

Somewhere on the Eastern Shore of Japan Well I’m “finally” on vacation until September. I feel just like a regular overpaid NHL player. Paul Kariya and I are planning on taking plenty of road trips to explore this rock they call Japan! Oh, in case you didn’t know, Paul Kariya is the name of my little PINK Japanese car. I had to keep with the tradition of naming all my cars after NHL players. Coincidentally, the REAL Paul Kariya announced his retirement the day after I named him! He and I will definitely have some fun this hockey season wreaking havoc on the Asia League. I’m excited for that, but part of me is sad that my baby, Lynxie, is sitting on a driveway back in Toronto, and missing his Mama! So, let’s take a look back at the history of my ultimate hockey road trip buddies! Friends come and go, but my V’s have been the only constants in my life. Besides, my friends could barely keep up with my hockey addiction anyway!

Name: Boysie
Era: 2002-2006
Namesake: Brad Boyes
Destinations: Kitchener (OHL), Toronto (OHL), Guelph (OHL), London (OHL), Mississauga (OHL), Hamilton (AHL), Milwaukee (AHL), Grand Rapids (AHL), Cleveland (AHL), Toronto (AHL), Chicago (AHL), Cincinnati (AHL), Nashville (NHL), Toronto (NHL)
Bio: Oh, the Stallion Mobile, as he was sometimes affectionately known as. Boysie was the car that was with me in the formative years, and I’ve got a pile of speeding tickets to prove it. He got his name from Brad Boyes who was the headliner for my infamous Sexy Seven list of hockey players back in high school. A list that also included the likes of The Evil One, Stephen Weiss, Steve Eminger, Tim Brent, Daniel Paille, and Rick Nash. I had an eye for talent, as you can see.

When I think back to the Boysie years, I’m reminded of getting into all kinds of stupid, stupid trouble. Whether it was speeding, or doing some other type of shady activity, Boysie was right there with me while the police officer wrote up his citation. Aside from the odd traffic violation, and high speed chase (while being pursued by the hormonal Kitchener Rangers of that time period), Boysie and I had some pretty great times together. He was, of course, the car I learned to drive in. He was also the chariot that took me to Mr. One Timer that fateful (read: bloody) New Years Eve. Sick mems.

When I was 19, I was finally ready to move onto the world of hockey outside of the “safety’ of the OHL. I put quotation marks around “safety” because how safe is the OHL for a teenage girl, really? Boysie’s first REAL road trip wasn’t a hockey road trip at all. For some reason, my friend wanted to go to Nashville for her birthday. It had something to do with a high school obsession she had for The Moffatts or something to that effect. Either way, I was all about it. It was early September, and the whispers that the NHL was about to be locked out were growing louder and louder. Boysie had a lot of mechanical problems during our time together. This trip to Nashville, during the intense heat of the summer months, was also the time that his A/C decided to conk out. My body stuck to the leather seats the whole way there AND back.The A/C was never to be restored in his lifetime.

After the NHL officially locked out it’s season that year, Boysie and I turned to the American Hockey League to satisfy our needs. I ended up in Milwaukee, WI for no other reason than I had read that the Admirals were the defending champs, and so it seemed like a good destination. Not so much during the winter, I learned. One night, there was a sketchy “incident” at a local frat house. A blizzard just happened to strike, and Boysie, our only salvation, was trapped under three feet of snow! These are the type of moments I most remember about the Boysie years – intense situations of danger and great panic. I remember that night vividly, and how I was throwing my entire body up against his hood trying to get as much snow off of him as possible, so we could get the F out of there. For some reason, a snow belt like Milwaukee doesn’t have adequate plowing bylaws!

All snow blowing aside, the San Antonio Rampage were in town for that first game in Milwaukee, which was good for me because, back then, the Rampage were the affiliate of the Florida Panthers, and not the Phoenix Coyotes, so I got to watch me some Stephen Weiss that night. Sadly, Stephen Weiss was too busy being a dedicated hockey player to acknowledge my affection. However, there was this new player I hadn’t seen before in a Milwaukee jersey that decided to step up his game and entertain me. I had no idea who this guy was or why he kept staring at me like a combination of a deer caught in the headlights and a third grader with a crazy school boy crush, but nevertheless I was deeply amused, and still am to this day. But, hey, I’m not saying I didn’t love it! I actually remember my mouth hanging open every time he skated by with his eyes locked on me for God knows what reason. Oh, the great mysteries of life.

Aside from incidents with frat boys and hockey players, Boysie had been prone to a lot of bizarre freak accidents wherever the Milwaukee Admirals were concerned. There were countless speeding tickets, and even the odd collision. One night on the way home from an Ads game in Grand Rapids, Boysie hit some black ice and was completely thrown from the highway. Luckily, I used my mad skill to get us out of the ditch. The other beached cars were not strong enough to bulldoze out of all the snow, not like my Boysie. Another time, also in Grand Rapids post Ads game, I was completely T-boned while attempting to go to the IHOP to get some damn pancakes. Boysie had a sad looking game face after that, but you should have seen the other car. It lay shattered to pieces all over the road!

Boysie will definitely be remembered for the Milwaukee years even more than the Kitchener years. In January 2006, Boysie and I were off to our last Ads/Griffins game together. En route one of his tires blew out, and this put us four hours behind schedule to get to Van Andel Arena. Once we were back on the road, we were naturally speeding to make up for all the lost time. We couldn’t have been back out there for more than five minutes before we got pulled over, and subsequently ticketed. Luckily, I still made it to the game in time. A few days later, Boysie and I headed downtown to the University of Toronto campus for class as we usually did (when the mood struck and I didn’t have something better to do, like watch a hockey game), but only one us would make it home for dinner.

Name: Lupie
Era: 2006-2009
Namesake: Joffrey Lupul
Destinations: Ottawa (NHL), Detroit (NHL), Nashville (NHL), Toronto (NHL), Buffalo (NHL), Philadelphia (NHL), Montreal (NHL), Columbus (NHL), New York [Islanders] (NHL), New Jersey (NHL), Toronto (AHL), Hamilton (AHL), Grand Rapids (AHL), Kitchener (OHL), Toronto (OHL)
Bio: After the untimely death of my first love, Boysie, I found myself in the most difficult period of my life. I was a road trip addict without a ride. However, there was an even bigger issue in play, I was a student, and had no job, and, therefore, no money to buy a new car. Luckily, fortune would smile on me, in a way, in the form of my grandparents’ decision to buy a new car at this dark time in my life. They graciously offered me their old one, but not before they meticulously went through every possible car they could buy first. I must have gone nearly four months without a car. My grandfather actually died before they had made the big decision to buy the exact same car.

Finally Lupie made his first road trip. It was to a Sens playoff game in Ottawa versus the Sabres. I had deferred one of my university exams just to be in attendance that night. We missed the first period because we somehow got lost in Ottawa. This was my first of many failed trips to Scotiabank Place. I don’t really know why, but Ottawa hates me. I didn’t know what name to bestow on such an embarrassment of a car. I was toying with the idea of naming him Rev in honour of that first roadie to Ottawa. That year the Sens were using, “Rev Up the Red” as their playoff slogan, but the name didn’t stick. Around the same time, Joffrey Lupul blasted onto everyone’s radar after he scored four goals in one of his playoff games with the Ducks. Lupie seemed like an appropriate name for a car better suited to the geriatrics of the world than a 20 year old girl.

Strangely, for being such as lame car, Lupie probably saw the most action. After all he was the car that came along for the Mystical Six Game Road Trip, and all the Arizona Prophecy games. In fact, you could argue that the pursuit of the Arizona Prophecy is probably what finally killed him. Hey, at least one good thing came from that, eh? Yes, Lupie was an embarrassment. Arrivals and departures from hotels and arenas had to be timed in such a way so that nobody ever saw him. Unfortunately, one afternoon in Philadelphia, Lupie was exposed against my will.

It was the playoffs of 2008, the Canadiens were in town, and I was super excited to be back in the city of brotherly love. I was planning to go out for dinner before the game, but for some reason I kept missing the the exit off the highway, so I just decided to head to the rink. Despite the fact that I had been to Philly twice before, I had forgotten the layout of the complex. I was on a mission to prove that there was a parking lot closer to the, then, Wachovia Center, that didn’t require a pass, but alas I was met with a dead end. Well, it wasn’t so much a dead end as it was a ramp to get on the interstate. I hadn’t seen a car the whole time I was driving around the complex, so I figured it was OK to make a U-turn. Of course, at that moment a car decided to come down the ramp.

“Fuck,” I thought as I hurried to get out of the way before the car was close enough to be inconvenienced by my presence there. However, as the car came closer, the BMW logo became visible. “Shit, it’s a player’s car.” It was almost time for the gates to open, so all the players should have been there by now, but I guess you-know-who was too busy slacking off at home. I didn’t know who it was until the car proceeded to pass me. I had cleared out of the way, but as he drove past, he couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the idiot that pulled a U-Turn on a friggen highway ramp! Instinctively he slammed on the brakes, and stared at me like a combination of a deer caught in the headlights and a third grader with a crazy school boy crush. I stared back in amusement, but also with purpose. If I kept his gaze hopefully he wouldn’t notice that Lupie was a piece of shit that likes to crumple in the wind. The Flyer stayed there for over a minute just staring at me, but then (I assume) he finally realized that he was in the middle of the road and blocking, not only me, but any other traffic that should decide to see him play in that Eastern Conference Semi Final game that night. Phew!

Lupie eventually died of old age in the summer of 2009, which was a joyous occasion for me. Going into the 2009-10 NHL season, I had a brand new ride with lots of shiny toys in it. For the first time in my life, I had a stable car, and I was going to take full advantage of that by going on some truly epic road trips.

Name: Columbus
Era: July 2007
Namesake: Random Blue Jacket
Destinations: Calgary (NHL) – offseason
Bio: As you can probably guess, my babies aren’t always able to accompany me on my zany hockey misadventures. Visiting rinks like Phoenix, LA, San Jose, and Anaheim, for example, have required both flights and rentals to make all the Psycho mischief possible. My first time renting a car was on July 7th, 2007 in Edmonton, AB. Why I was in Alberta in the first place, nobody really knows. My friend and I just decided to hop on a WestJet flight one day. Who knew that Edmonton would be such a boring place in the offseason?

Finally, we were maxed out on boredom and decided we HAD to rent a car and head to the Saddledome in Calgary for the Stampede. Sadly, every couple in Edmonton was getting married that day because they considered 7/7/7 to be a lucky day. I suppose since it is the one day a year that stars Vega and Altair meet in the sky that it is sort of romantic. Anyway, a miracle happened, and one rental car in ALL of the greater Edmonton area became available via a cancellation!

Since, it was my first time renting, I decided to give this hideous green car a hockey name, too. In the spirit of the moment, I named him Columbus because the day before, at the West Edmonton Mall, we had been stalked by some kid who had just returned from the Blue Jackets prospect camp. To this day, I couldn’t tell you who the guy was, or if he ever made it anywhere.

Columbus isn’t the most memorable rental I’ve ever had. I’d say that title would either go to the Camaro I had in Tampa this season, or the convertible I splurged on in Phoenix only to have it rain the whole time I was there. However, Columbus is the only rental car I’ve ever bothered to name.

Another interesting fact. During my trip to Alberta, it was announced that my car’s namesake, Joffrey Lupul, had been traded to the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers were my team at the time following a lovers‘ spat with the Leafs back in 2006. Coincidentally, now that I’m back on the Leafs bus, Lupul is wearing the blue and white with pride. I’m starting to feel like I’ve cursed this poor bastard.

Name: Lynxie
Era: 2009-Present
Namesake: “Arizona Prophecy”
Destinations: Toronto (NHL), Pittsburgh (NHL), Buffalo (NHL), Detroit (NHL), Chicago (NHL), Montreal (NHL), Washington (NHL), Dallas (NHL), Minnesota (NHL), Carolina (NHL), San Antonio (AHL), Toronto (AHL), Hamilton (AHL), Kitchener (OHL), Guelph (OHL), Ottawa (OHL), Niagara (OHL), Oshawa (OHL), Brampton (OHL), Owen Sound (OHL), Mississauga (OHL)
Bio: The moment I first laid eyes on Lynxie, I knew he would be mine. I loved everything about him, and couldn’t wait to get him on the road that October. Currently, Lynxie is 23 months old, and I’ve taken him all the way to San Antonio and back, and lived to tell the tale. In those 23 months, Lynxie has amassed over 60,000 kms, which doesn’t seem like that much, but take into consideration that I’ve been overseas for 8 of those months!

I experienced a lot of firsts with Lynxie. He was the first car to take me on those seriously long haul roadies, and those multi-stop road trips. Before him, I didn’t have a car that I could trust to get much farther than Philadelphia, but Lynxie was brand new, and could handle anything. He managed to make it from Toronto to Minnesota, and Washington to Dallas without stopping. Lupie and Boysie surely would have perished on those voyages. My mother even stopped giving me grief every time I told her I was planning another winter road trip. Clearly, everyone has faith in him.

I also lost my backseat virginity with him; also to a hockey player, just like my REAL virginity! It’s kind of sad that it took me 25 years to check that off my to-do list, I know! This was a pretty challenging feat as well considering Lynxie is a little coupe, I’m 5’9,” and this particular defenseman was not only 6’2,” but also recovering from a nasty injury. Who knew -12oC could get so HOTT!? *bites lip*

Speaking of hockey players, Lynxie had his first and (hopefully) ONLY accident with a hockey player, too! What is it with hockey always leading to vehicular damage in my universe? After signing a nice, fat, new contract with his club, this snipeshow of a player rammed his brand new ride into my baby while he was parked in the parking lot of a strip club, just minding his own business. I almost cried. It was the most devastating thing that I think has ever happened to me. I’ve always been ever so careful and protective of him. Luckily, the boy paid for the damages, but not before trying to “take advantage” of me in my distressed state. He failed, P.S.

Since Lynxie is still a baby, I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of misadventures when I get back to Canada on March 31. I plan to head straight to a hockey game from the plane before the 2011-12 NHL regular season comes to a close. I’m sure that you’re probably wondering how Lynxie fits in with my tradition of naming cars after hockey players. Well, after Lupie died, I was in the height of the Arizona Prophecy, so I figured naming the car after that whole hockey experience was very appropriate, and settled on the name Lynx. So, now you’re probably wondering why I would use a BIG, WILD, CAT to represent the whole Arizona thing instead of a coyote or something. And that is an excellent question…

Top Photo: In Florida with one of my many rental cars over the years. Prior to the Panthers/Bruins game that night.

Countdown to My Return:
260 days.

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