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Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Farewell Tour (Day 2): Take me to the rippers!!

New York, NY The funny thing about New York City is that I always forget where I am when I’m here. It just feels like I’m at home. In fact, I hang out with my New York based friends a lot more than I do with my friends back home in Toronto! My first day back in Manhattan (in the last two weeks) was yet another full day. Unfortunately, I was running on no sleep and my mother decided that we had to go to The Met that morning. Gross. Did I mention that we had a 5:50AM flight in? Yeah, not good. I was pretty much dead, and couldn’t find a Rockstar energy drink if my life depended on it. I don’t know how many times I nearly fell asleep in various cabs.

When I was finally able to escape from the museum, I was headed to the NHL store to meet up with Michelle for pre-dinner drinks! Sadly, the Hartford Whalers sweatshirt I was dying to buy looked shitty on me! I was terribly sad. The sweater was cut like a box, and frankly I don’t want to look like a man when I wear…anything. It’s too bad, I was envisioning myself running around Korea with it on – those dreams are all gone now.

Michelle and I met up with Nick for Moroccan after the strongest Mudslide I’ve ever had – pure rum! The food was amazing, but I forget the name of the place due to the aforementioned rum and tiredness. From nine to midnight there was a belly dancer performing, and I got to make my first two forays into the belly dancing world for all restaurant patrons to see, and all the people that saw Michelle’s twitpics, too! Now I have a new belly dancing skirt that jingles when I shimmy down the street (did you know that I shimmy when I do anything?), as all the people walking down 43rd that night found out. Pretty sure I looked like one of those crazy people with my lime green skirt and pink mittens! The skirt is my new favourite thing!

Post belly dancing and spicy Moroccan food, we all decided to check out another hockey bar. You remember my Warren 77 excursion two weeks ago. Anyway, we decided to check out The Flying Puck after Nick and Michelle refused to take me to the rippers. By the way, is “rippers” a Canadian term because neither of them seemed to know what I was talking about? If it IS Canadian, then I should probably explain that by “rippers” I meant “strippers.” Naturally, this hockey bar had NO hockey games on. Though, they were showing the Suns/Knicks game. Speaking of Phoenix, I’m still trying to decide if I should squeeze in that Coyotes game on this road trip. It would be really tight getting back to Toronto on time for my appointments, but I could probably make it. If I thought last season’s trip to the desert was a hit and run, this would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase.

Roll the credits…

Most memorable road track: Nashville (Predators) 2006-07!

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