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Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Habs@Leafs: Rivalry games at the Air Canada Centre are always a pleasure…

Toronto, ON The best way to see a Habs game in Toronto is always from the nosebleed section at the Air Canada Centre. Up there the emotions flow as plentifully as the beer, and fights have been known to break out between the blues and reds more than they do on the ice. Some of my greatest ACC game experiences have been when the villainous Canadiens blow into town, however last night was definitely not one of my greatest moments at my most visited NHL facility.

Wednesday was definitely an off-night in Toronto. The streets were in a constant state of disarray due to blizzard like conditions in above freezing temperatures. All week people had been in a state of panic over the predicted 20 cm snowfall we were to get Tuesday night. While taking my 5 year old cousin to the salon for his hair appointment that day, I noticed the phones were ringing off the hook with patrons frantically hoping to move their appointments up in advance of the storm. Even my chiropractor called to warn me of the likelihood that the office may be closed on Wednesday.

But the horrible weather wasn’t the only thing wrong with Rivalry Night at the Air Canada Centre this week. The rivalry itself seemed to be played out more on the street than it was up in the stands. There was definitely more game day congestion at all of my usual pre-game meal spots, which forced me to eat up in the bleeds. Of course, one can’t exactly complain if they are consuming a Southwestern BBQ Burkie Dog. By the way, they are obviously NOT called Burkie Dogs anymore, but I will continue to use this term in lieu of calling it a hotdog with pulled pork and coleslaw a.k.a. Heaven in your mouth!

Usually, when Montreal is in the house, there is almost a 1 to 1 ratio of red jerseys and blue jerseys in the sea of 18,000+ that is The Hangar. Of course, both the weather and the fact that this classic match up faced off on a work night is likely to blame for the lack of “out of town” fans making an appearance. So, while it is understandable that supporters in the tri-coloured camp were not in attendance in overwhelming numbers, their absence definitely took a toll on the overall atmosphere. I didn’t see a single fight in the bleeds, and even the fan on fan chirping was kept to a minimum. And the game itself was pretty horrible no matter what side of the fence you were on despite the Leafs getting a penalty shot and everything!

Now, I have seen some pretty snooze-inducing games at the Air Canada Centre in my day, but you generally don’t expect those games to happen when a major rival is taking to the ice – especially Montreal! So, like any red blooded fan, I attempted to overcompensate for the lack of on (and off) ice dramatics by hitting the booze. But, since everything seemed to be going wrong that night, getting my “game face” on was no easy feat.

The ACC and Crown Royal was giving out samples that night. I have actually been dying to try the new Maple flavour, so I made sure to head straight there during the second intermission to avoid the line up. That night the ACC had employed an overly anal woman who refused to give me the sample for 20 minutes. They ID everyone who looks “under 30,” so just like when I bought my first and only beer of the night at the first intermission, I knew I would be whipping out my driver’s licence again. However, this time the woman began insisting that my licence was a fake. Which apparently, in her infinite wisdom, she was able to discern by merely glancing at the front of the card. Naturally, I didn’t have a passport on me since I didn’t need to cross any borders on the 10 minute drive from my house to the rink, but when I attempted to produce other items that also listed my full name and birthdate, you know, to substantiate the validity of my LEGAL government issued, in-province driver’s licence, she refused to even look at them even after the security told her they were valid.

After going to both the service manager and the security manager, one of them had to physically walk over and tell her to serve me. Everyone was telling me to take it as a compliment, but this whole situation is a little more than ridiculous. Let’s be real for a minute. I’ll be 28 years old in 3 months, and I would *hope* that I continue to get carded at the ACC with their “under 30” policy for awhile longer. That being said, I’m pretty damn sure I don’t look like a 17 year old, who needs to carry around a fake ID, which is essentially what this woman is suggesting by causing the scene that she did. And, I mean, think about it, she was carrying on like this over an eighth of a shot of whiskey! So, I’m not quite sure if this person was just purposely trying to be a bitch, or if she is just incredibly stupid. Either way, you can bet your ass I sent the ACC a nice little email especially given how much money I have dropped in all of their VIP bars over the seasons!

Do I look 17 to you?!?!

The funny thing is that this is only the second time I have ever made a complaint to an NHL facility. The first time was after a Flyers 2008 playoff game in Philly also versus the Habs (Hmm.. Do I smell a conspiracy???). That night I encountered more than a few incredibly rude Wells Fargo Center staff members. One was even singing a derogatory version of O Canada while scanning tickets at the gate. Despite the fact that I was dressed in orange and black that night, there was no way in Hell I was about to tolerate that! Even after I told the guy that I was Canadian and had driven 8 hours to support the Flyers, his response was, “Well, I still hate you.” Good thing no Canadians play for the Flyers, eh? Yeah, email sent.

Anyway, if my terrible experience sampling the Maple Crown Royal, which, in fairness, is actually pretty @#$%ing incredible shit, the lifeless game that was going on down at ice level, and the weather weren’t enough factors to make my day more or less unpleasant, then leaving Front Street that night certainly didn’t help things either. I had the genius idea to park in the underground York Street parking lot just off of Front. The parking there is $6 on a weeknight if you get there after 5PM, and parking in the lots a block away at Bay/Front usually run you $20+ on game day. When my friend and I got back to the car that night there was a massive queue trying to exit. At first this didn’t seem odd, I mean, the Leafs game did just end, right? But, we became aware quite quickly that the there was something wrong. We’re still not quite sure what happened, but the going theory is that the credit card machine must have malfunctioned, and we were all trapped. It was 11:30 before we got out of there, and by that point the roads were a death trap, as the second snowstorm had finally started with a vengeance. Definitely a bizarre night to say the least!

Attempting to shake up the dramz by crushing some heads!

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Getting ripped off on Leafs tickets never felt so good…

Toronto, ON My day was unusual to say the least, and it definitely didn’t start on a high note. As my Spanish YaYa continues to succumb to the ravages of age, I have taken over running most of her errands for her, which, in true old lady fashion, start no later than 7 AM every morning. As I was heating up the car yesterday morning, Lynxie gave a sudden jerk and froze. Evidently, I was out of gas. This is the first time I have ever let the tank totally run out. Lynxie’s computer system has been on the fritz since I came back from Japan. Evidently, no one bothers to drive him while his Mama’s away. Don’t get me started, as this has me quite worried mere days away from my upcoming road trip to Arena #63 and #64 this weekend! Anyway, this situation ensured that I spent no less than 67% of my day reeking of gasoline, as I naturally got it all over myself when I was manually refilling the tank with a plastic red canister.

By 8:30 AM it was time for informal nanny duties. (Yes, this is my life between jobs). However, my aunt had suddenly come down with something, so the usual school day shuffle was extended to swimming lessons, and First Communion prep at the church with my oldest cousin/Goddaughter. By the way, First Communion prep essentially involves the children being carted away by the Tuesday night Sunday school teachers, while the parents are subjected to ridiculous videos, and lectures from the priest for not attending church more often. It would be a lot easier to stomach if the priest wasn’t essentially a 90 year old version of George W. Bush. It goes without saying that I was hiding in the last row with my NHL Game Center carefully positioned in my purse, so that I could stealthily keep my eye on everything. Namely, the Bolts pounding the Pussies… I mean Cats.

By 9:30 PM I was greeted at home with a letter addressed from “CLASS ACTION.” Naturally, my first reaction was, “FUCK!! What did I do now??!??!?!” But after I opened it I realized that I was being paid off. Apparently, a class action lawsuit was filed against TicketMaster in 2009 for the sketchy operation they were running with their own reselling website TicketsNow. I had only used TicketsNow twice, as the prices were usually a little bit higher than they were on other reseller websites. One thing I did like about them, however, was that you could tease them. If you so much as looked at a pair of tickets, and then left the site, as soon as you came back, they’d offer you a discount to buy.

Apparently, TicketMaster got into hot water for allegedly over-inflating ticket prices to Canadians especially. As a result, TicketMaster was encouraged to settle, and it was decided that the amount of $36 per ticket sold would be reimbursed to everyone who has used the site. Now, I definitely overpaid by MORE than $36 per ticket, but I also went to the games and had great seats. I mean, people come to these reseller sites knowing that they are going to overpay, and usually we are OK with it or we simply wouldn’t do it. Obviously, when I travel, my first priority is to get a ticket from the team’s box office, but in some markets that is just not an option. My point is, for me at least, I used TicketsNow knowing that I would be overpaying. My tickets were real, and I had a great time at the games. Getting any sort of money back is just gravy, and my cheque has already been reinvested in a hockey ticket for a game in Winnipeg. Getting ripped off on Leafs tickets has never felt sooooo good! :)

Top Photo: Living it up in the Platinum Club at the Air Canada Centre prior to the Leafs tilt with Phoenix in 2009-10 – just one of my games courtesy of TicketsNow.

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