St. Louis (Day 5): (PRE)Game Day #2 Coyotes@Blues – The hate you’ve all been waiting for!

If what they say is true, and you’re a nobody until you get your first hate mail, then this week I must have been launched into superstardom with all the feathers I’ve been ruffling. Today, I received my first epic rant from someone who claims not to be a reader, and yet has clearly read an obsessively large chunk of my blog. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, or fear for this person’s mental health. For someone to be so offended, not by something I’ve said, but rather who I am (in their mind) as a person, it’s very startling to say the least. I had recognized the person’s name from Twitter, so, naturally, I opted to post a response to “it” on there in only 140 characters:

Hater, thanx 4 explaining how my ugly 5’9/130lbs obese frame was what was holding me back from realizing my dream of being a hockey gf HAHA!

However, once I posted this, there was an uproar from those in my network demanding to see what this person had said. Some individuals described themselves as being physically angry about it. So, I decided to showcase it despite this person’s attempt to use reverse psychology so I wouldn’t. As you can read below “it” claims that I will post the comment to add to my “Hills-like” drama. I will have to take your word for this, since I have never seen that show. Anyway, it’s my experience that GENERALLY when people make a post in the comments section of my blog, it is usually cast with the understanding that it will get posted in the public sphere. So, if you didn’t want people to read it, why would you post it there? My email was made available for all user feedback.

Luckily, it was a slow day here in St. Louis. It was pouring all day, and despite having an umbrella, I lost the will to go exploring. So, really, what else do I have to talk about other than this epic hate speech. Unfortunately, I have had to edit some of this out because the person opted to negatively relate what was lacking in my character to a visible, ethnic minority, and I’d like to think that, although, I will push controversial things over the edge, I wasn’t raised poorly enough to reprint such slurs.

The hypocrisy in this verbal diarrhea is through the roof. This person claims that I am jealous of all hockey wives, and my jealousy makes me less of a woman. All of this because I made a Halloween special, and suddenly I’m jealous of anything with implants. Yet, as someone “above” trashing others, “it” seems to call me fat and ugly several times as explanation for why hockey players (apparently) fuck me and toss me aside. I wasn’t aware that all this sex was going on during my road trips. Thanks, for letting me know. I will also apologize if my 5’9”, 130lbs frame offends you as an individual well on “its” way to rehab for anorexia or whatever eating disorder you suffer from.

Once again, I feel I need to discuss that the person I called out the other day was not on the grounds of me being upset because she didn’t like what I wrote. If you’ve ever talked to me, you’d know that I accept contrary opinions. My beef was with the fact that she harassed other people who liked what they read, and I felt that I needed to stick up for them.

I really don’t have much to say about this. I don’t think I need to defend myself. Mostly, I just like to watch people hang themselves. It’s a sick fetish, what can I say? By the way, nice use of quotation marks around “readers.” Just because you stick in some clever punctuation marks, my thousands of readers will not magically disappear. Anyway, you’re right, though. I do live up to my name Psycho Lady, which is exactly why I am also not above protecting your identity (sodapcurtis@gmail.com). So, to my “readers” who asked to see this, here it is. And if I had any advice for you, Soda, it would be to go back to the Top 10 list in question and pay careful attention to the instructions in the top photo. Enjoy!

Typical vagina to divuldge into internet drama. I have a feeling you were like this your entire “career”. What you don’t seem to get through your head is that most of what you write is a bunch of stereotypical girly shit laced with some big words. Here’s why: Somewhere along the lines you got too fat and ugly to exist among those “in the circle” so you chose to lash out and become the “smart girl, just a fan” instead. You further put yourself behind as a woman by flaunting your jealousy for the women who grab the attention of the men you desire. Face it sister, the love lives of pro athletes is survival of the prettiest, and hockey players are not exactly the smartest crayons in the box, and as much as you talk about getting hit on by EVERYONE during your exploits, I don’t think you cut it. Because in what world would any respectable man find a desperate stalker “hot”? And talking about how fat you’ve gotten (a seemingly legit comment that doubles as a tool for comment fishing), and how you lose weight “before hockey season” cries “please point out what a vagina I am, because every girl talks about how fat she is”… Tre chic, Psycho Lady (the name rings true from what I’ve read). So just about everything you write about, in essence, is putting you behind as a woman. [Inappropriate ethnic remarks] You may have spent your youth wandering junior hockey arenas with other vaginas, talking trash about the girlfriends, and being used in a way these “puck bunnies” are just begging to be by a bunch of pubescent teenagers. Used, not loved, your bitterness is obvious. You don’t know the women you are hating on anymore than they know you as someone, not a fan, but a below average looking stalker who persistantly preys upon their husbands and boyfriends. Any girlfriend of any man would be bothered by that but mostly, Psycho Lady, they just don’t give a shit, so don’t flatter yourself. And you know what? These hockey players prefer a girl who doesn’t give a shit, because then they don’t have to put up with the whiney drama induced garbage like you have shared with all of us. Talking about “bimbos with fake boobs and blonde hair”, most of which don’t sit around and blog about how much weight they’ve gained since hockey season started, or how bad their hair looks in certain photos (as “a real hockey fan” should you care about such things?), you objectify yourself. You are not the portrait of feminism, you are bothered by other women you feel threatened by, and that is the most petty thing a woman can do. This is hockey, not the fucking Hills. Get over yourself, find a new hobby, again, give up your hockey player girlfriend ambitions, it stops being cute after 15. And you’re just a big enough vagina to post about this probably, to further your drama, in that case, thanks for sharing my opinion with your “readers”. Get back to hockey, because no one cares how fat your ass is… Except you of course.

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7 Responses to St. Louis (Day 5): (PRE)Game Day #2 Coyotes@Blues – The hate you’ve all been waiting for!

  1. BeastlyChicken says:

    That was a great read!

  2. hilary says:

    THIS PERSON IS TOO MUCH. i love how they are calling you pathetic when i believe it is pretty obvious to anyone that can read that they are the pathetic ones sending hate mail to someone. talk about creating “the hills” drama.

  3. sean says:

    Hey I hope you enjoyed the game! I know the Blues didn’t quite put on a show, but Bryzgolov (I think that’s how you spell it) stole it tonight. Hopefully you enoyed your toasted rav’s, wings, and tiramasu. Good luck with the season and I will for sure be following your site. I think you and what you do are just plain awesome. I tried to find a buyer for your extra ticket, but no bites. Nice talking a little hockey with you. Stay safe. LETS GO BLUES!!!

  4. Mike_Fahmy says:

    that was a great read. I love how they are calling you a vagina, when clearly they have too much time on their hands to write what I thought was almost a book hating on your blog lol. Wow some people just don’t get it. This person just hung their self with that post. Thanks for sharing that Kat I’m seriously lolzing right now.

  5. ChrisIsSoGreat says:

    Maybe that was a bitchy reply from Hilary Duff or Elisha Cuthbert? haha well def sounds like a jaded players ex. Or just someone who wishes they had the adventures you have. It’s sad.

  6. Islander505 says:

    I lost her at “divuldge”.

    And where can I find some “stereotypical girly shit with big words”?
    Does it come with any pictures?

    “..the love lives of pro athletes is survival of the prettiest,”
    Well… there goes Ovechkin’s chance at winning the Heart Trophy.

    “..and hockey players are not exactly the smartest crayons in the box”
    Something tells me the writer was one of those kids who showed up on the first day of kindegarten
    with a three tiered 120 count Crayola box (built in sharpener) while the rest of we indigents had to get by with
    the 16 count and whenever we tried to borrow her Burnt Sienna, it gave her a Raw Umber.

    “And you know what? These hockey players prefer a girl who doesn’t give a shit, ”
    ROFL….Oh those hockey players….the most unique men in the world. How come I never thought of that?

    “…thanks for sharing my opinion with your “readers”.
    NO NO…Thank YOU for sharing your opinion with the world, proving once again that Abraham Lincoln
    was possibly the smartest men to ever walk the earth when he said….
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  7. Shanni AGD says:

    she is mean

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