Show Me A Sign…Literally!

Many of you have been quite vocal about my recent break up with the Phoenix Coyotes whether it be in support of or completely against it. Last March, I was prompted to switch teams to Phoenix after a series of psychics had told me the same Arizona prophecy over and over again (for those of you who haven’t been keeping up). Whether you believe in this or not, just accept the fact that this was the choice I made, and the reason I am where I am today. Anyway, since then, I have been following these predictions and “signs” until my last game in Buffalo where I finally started to feel lost and confused. In a rash decision, I made a little outburst at the Coyotes which I can only describe as being in the realm of bat shit crazy. Of course, immediately after said outburst, there was remorse and confusion over whether or not this was the right thing to do, and what course of action to take next. That’s where you come in…

I need a sign!

Since I love metaphorical “signs,” I figure a real sign would be a great eye opener for me. At the Coyotes game in Buffalo last week, I had my first encounter with someone at the rink who knew who I was strictly from Psycho Lady Hockey (he wasn’t even from Twitter)! So, I know you guys are out there, and I’d like to think that we have a nice little family *cough*cult*cough* of psychotic, obsessive hockey addicts! Anyway, if you want me to invade your hometown and stalk your local NHL rink at some point during this season, then I want you to give me a sign…literally!

Here’s what you do:

Make a game day sign asking for me to come to your rink, then email me a picture of you and your hockey entourage displaying the sign at one or more of your home games! It’s as simple as that! However, there are some conditions that apply:

1) Psycho Lady Hockey MUST be written on the sign (I’m only @PsychoPuckLady on Twitter).

2) The photo proof of the sign must be taken inside your arena with preference going to pictures with hockey players skating in the background (the warm up is a prime photo op).

What’s the point?

Well apart from being a dear and helping me make my future hockey decisions (I will be visiting the rinks that have shown the greatest support), I will also have the top five signs judged toward the end of the season, and the winner will be rewarded with something totally awesome – and I don’t mean oversized t-shirt almost awesome, I mean actually awesome!

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter! I am not opposed to returning to NHL rinks that I have visited in the past. You can find a complete list of my previously visited rinks in the side bar. (This would be your time to shine, Nashville!) And, yes, Phoenix fans are allowed to enter as well. In fact, I encourage it so more people go to Jobing.com Arena!

How do I win? Your guide to brownie points!

1) Originality: example, find the most creative way for you to say, “Come back to Phoenix, Psycho Lady Hockey”

2) Humour

3) Biggest Entourage: the number of people you have posing with your sign!

4) Glitter Glue: I’ve always been a sucker for the stuff.

5) TV Time: bonus points if you are caught on camera with your sign. Only the most outgoing sign bearers will likely achieve this, but it’s worth a guaranteed spot in the final five!

Best of luck to everyone who enters, and I look forward to seeing your signs, and hopefully “seeing the light” in the process! Don’t forget to email your works of art to psycholadyhockey@hotmail.com! :)

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