Rangers, and Majors, and IceDogs – Oh my!

And we’re back! Sorry for the delay. I’ve been having technical difficulties with the computer situation. Yeah…I dropped my laptop. Wanna fight about it? Luckily, I’ll be good to go on my new Mac tomorrow. P.S. Setting that thing up has become my life! So, right now I’ll try to get you up to speed on some of the games I was too lazy to write about before and after my epic visit to Carolina. Side note: speaking of Carolina, I just wanted to say that I neglected to mention one detail in my game day post that I really wanted to note. As you can see by the pictures, we were sitting behind the Columbus bench, but our tickets were actually behind the Carolina bench. Being the nice person that I am, I offered to switch seats with some Canes fans that were sitting up close for the first time. I figured they should experience the view from their own bench, and I would make the sacrifice to sit behind the Blue Jackets tee hee. My selflessness knows no bounds…obviously WINK.

Anyway, many weeks ago now, I was back at the Kitchener Aud for what was to be a Majors double header weekend. Game day took me back to that hugely uncomfortable loss of virginity incident, which I have retold again and again, but still doesn’t seem to get old. After Mr. One-Timer had chosen to take a vow of silence for three months after his no-star performance, the Majors were the first team to roll into town. Traditionally Majors/Rangers match ups were must-see games because I had considered both teams to be my home teams. Due to the timing of this vital game, and the fact that the tickets were already acquired, I found myself back at the Aud a mere four days after my “loss of innocence” for the most uncomfortable game of my life. It’s pretty safe to assume that if the Majors hadn’t been the team to hit the ice at the Aud all those years ago, then I probably wouldn’t have gone to another Rangers game again. Sometimes I wonder how that would have affected my Psycho adventures around the NHL. Perhaps I’d be a normal 25 year old woman today, if the Rangers faced off against the Knights or Spitfires that night instead – steady job, steady boyfriend, proper sleep and eating habits, vast shoe collection *shudders.* No thanks.

Just like with my panty selection for that bust of a cherry popper extravaganza, I was sporting Majors colours to this particular game as well. I can only assume that was the reason the Majors came from behind to win it. It was an outstanding game with only one incident of me threatening to fist fight someone in the Tim Hortons parking lot after the game. Dear Landeskog Super Fans, Don’t tape shit up on the glass. It makes me irritable, and you wouldn’t like me when I’m irritable, as I turn into a large redheaded beast known as Psycho Carmen. View obstruction – it’s only OK if the cause of obstruction is a DILFy Head or Vice Coach. Remember that.

Of course, there is a chance that my wardrobe selection had absolutely nothing to do with the Majors sneak attack on the Rangers that Friday night because the team seemed pretty fired up all weekend long. Two days later, at a matinee game, the Majors played host to the Niagara IceDogs who decided to prove to me that they had no aim on the ice as well as off. (Yes, I just went there). This epic 10-1 loss to Mississauga was evidently the biggest loss in franchise history since the team relocated to St. Catharines. What can I say? You know I’m USUALLY bad luck for whatever bench I’m sitting near, and I just happened to be sitting right on the Niagara bench more or less. Sorry about that. Side note: this was my first visit back to the Hershey Centre since the IceDogs were the home team. I’m not gonne lie, but I had moments of legitimate confusion that afternoon because of this fact.

Anyway, that about sums up the missing game entries. Sorry, I’ve been busy, etc! There was a Marlies game in there somewhere, too, but the only thing that really stuck out about that game was the fact that I had finally tried Smoke’s poutine while I was at the rink. I gotta say that it doesn’t live up to the hype. I’m not a fan of the pale gravy… on my fries that is… OH SNAP!

Top Photo: How’s this for a 17 y/o disguise?

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