Farewell Tour (Day 8): Southern hospitality.

Dallas, TX I’m so sorry! If the stress of the Korea move wasn’t enough to keep me from writing, the lack of computer sure was. I had to give the old laptop a proper overhaul before heading overseas, naturally. I’m now on Windows 7 – YAY! And I’m finally updating my Farewell Tour – another YAY! Now, let’s see if I can accurately recall what happened over two weeks ago now.

My first day in Dallas was action packed. I was surprised to learn that my agenda was planned for me that day by Mary and her family. It was definitely a product of that famous Southern style hospitality. It was great, by the end of the day I felt like I had a brand new family away from home, especially since Mary’s kids were all around my age!

However, the day had a sad and unpleasant start. The wind was crazy that morning (there were tornado warnings in parts of Texas, too), and so my trip poolside was chilly and annoying. I couldn’t even enjoy the fine male specimens attempting to sun themselves in vain. Once I had given up on my UNscandalous bikini adventures, I headed back to my room to get ready for my outing with Mary. Tragedy struck! I accidentally dropped my camera and it would work no more. Thankfully, it was a scuffed up piece of crap. I think I got it for my birthday five or six years ago, so I was actually planning to get a new one to properly document my new life in Asia. I was also very fortunate to be heading out the door to hang with one of the photographers for the Dallas Stars. What better person to consult for a new camera, eh?

After hopping around between a few camera distributers, I finally settled on a cute one from Best Buy. The decision was made when we gave the two finalists the shot test. The camera that made me look less ugly won out. I’m not photogenic AT ALL. I have yet to see a picture of myself that I think actually looks good, so any help I can get in that department is always a bonus, although the camera is letting me down with that now… as you can see.

With “Buy Camera” checked off the To Do List, Mary and Tiffany took me for my first ever Chick-fil-A experience. I always hear people raving about it, so I had to try it. I consider myself to be a fast food connoisseur. I still think IN-N-OUT is the best thing ever, though.

Later that night I went out for Mexican with Mary and her family with a huge pitcher of margaritas included! My fave! It was a great night! However, little did I know that the following night was going to be even better! Cue the stripper music!

Top Photo: Meet Paris Modano. Yes, she was named after Mike.

Roll the credits…

Most memorable road track: Kitchener (Rangers) 2002-03.

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  1. […] from my parents. They were sending back my camera. Damn you, Best Buy, and your shady warranties! You’ll recall I bought that camera while I was in Dallas in April. Anyway, my mom decided to stuff the box with sections of the Toronto Star, and in the sports […]

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