A brief note on idiocy at hockey rinks…

The fate of Joseph Robb, the infamous Air Canada Centre waffle thrower, has finally been decided – five hours of community service a.k.a. a bus ride to Montreal. However, Leggo-My-Eggo was outraged that his lifetime ban from all Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment venues had not been revoked. (I wonder if he’d be allowed to buy a condo at Maple Leaf Square?!)Yes, the J-Robb story was in all the papers today, which means we all got to have horseshit literally forced down our throats as this, now legendary, disgruntled Leafs fan attempted to not only justify his actions, but also explain why he should be allowed back at the ACC. Give me a @#$%ing break!

Har Har Har! We all had a good laugh when we heard about the fan that paid through the nose for a lower bowl seat at the Leafs game on December 20, just to hurl a box of frozen waffles onto the ice during play. What got the attention of the hockey world was not that this fan was subsequently thrown out of the ACC, it was the fact that he threw a BOX of WAFFLES! It was just so bizarre! I mean it’s not like we’ve never seen frustrated fans throw things onto the ice after a horrible loss before – but we sure as hell have never seen someone premeditate a waffle toss. I love the reasoning behind the waffle, too! Waffle rhymes with awful… bra-vo. Apparently, he was just so frustrated that his absolute favourite BFF hockey team has been sucking so badly that he needed to make a statement, and apparently it’s in his right to do that.

Now I would hope that Mr. Robb is the ONLY hockey fan that thinks he has been mistreated by the MLSE organization, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of blind supporters on his side. So, here’s a quick lesson on respect of the game of hockey. If you are a legitimate fan of the game, then not only would you respect the game, the other fans, and the governing powers controlling the League as a whole, but you would also be, in my opinion, very cautious about doing ANYTHING to disrupt your relationship with the sport and your privilege to enter and exit hockey facilities at will. Period.

Blue Waffle went on the record to say something to the effect of how the Canucks or Redwings, for example, wouldn’t treat their fans as badly. Umm…yeah they would, and so would any other pro or semi-pro sports franchise. You can’t waltz into a hockey arena with this kind of agenda, and actually believe that it won’t be the last time you see the ice, taste the beer, or hear the goal horn again, which is exactly my point! As a fan, are you willing to give all that up for poorly thought out and meaningless activism? Look, I’m not Miss Play-By-The-Rules or anything – I’ve been banned from entire countries after all! But there is absolutely nothing that I can imagine to be worth the price of losing my front row access to the game that I love. I’m pretty sure my life would be over if I didn’t have the game day experience anymore. And TRUST me there have been times when I would have loved nothing more than to jump the glass and bitch slap someone (or other), or, in the very least, flip someone off, but these compulsions must be controlled because at ANY hockey facility you can be banned for simply saying the F-bomb too loudly! It’s common knowledge! So, when I hear this story, I don’t really feel any type of sympathy towards this guy because he can no longer see his “beloved” Leafs play live. Instead I just roll my eyes at his pleas, and wonder what kind of fan this guy could have actually been if he was all too willing to take a gamble and pay the ultimate price for a box of waffles.

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6 Responses to A brief note on idiocy at hockey rinks…

  1. Steve says:

    Still want to know how he got the waffles in.

  2. Psycho Lady says:

    In a back pack? Until Dec 20 I’m sure no one was thinking to confiscate frozen waffles – it’s not like he could eat them LOL!

  3. Chris says:

    Disappointed in this post, it made too much sense. And did you really say “Blue Waffle”…. ewwwww!

  4. Psycho Lady says:

    You know I had to slip it in somewhere haha

  5. a says:

    well they do have that octopus tradition in detroit, where people actually throw sea creatures on the ice.. and there have been others. someone once threw a lobster on the ice here in boston.

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