January, 2013

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Getting ripped off on Leafs tickets never felt so good…

Toronto, ON My day was unusual to say the least, and it definitely didn’t start on a high note. As my Spanish YaYa continues to succumb to the ravages of age, I have taken over running most of her errands for her, which, in true old lady fashion, start no later than 7 AM every morning. As I was heating up the car yesterday morning, Lynxie gave a sudden jerk and froze. Evidently, I was out of gas. This is the first time I have ever let the tank totally run out. Lynxie’s computer system has been on the fritz since I came back from Japan. Evidently, no one bothers to drive him while his Mama’s away. Don’t get me started, as this has me quite worried mere days away from my upcoming road trip to Arena #63 and #64 this weekend! Anyway, this situation ensured that I spent no less than 67% of my day reeking of gasoline, as I naturally got it all over myself when I was manually refilling the tank with a plastic red canister.

By 8:30 AM it was time for informal nanny duties. (Yes, this is my life between jobs). However, my aunt had suddenly come down with something, so the usual school day shuffle was extended to swimming lessons, and First Communion prep at the church with my oldest cousin/Goddaughter. By the way, First Communion prep essentially involves the children being carted away by the Tuesday night Sunday school teachers, while the parents are subjected to ridiculous videos, and lectures from the priest for not attending church more often. It would be a lot easier to stomach if the priest wasn’t essentially a 90 year old version of George W. Bush. It goes without saying that I was hiding in the last row with my NHL Game Center carefully positioned in my purse, so that I could stealthily keep my eye on everything. Namely, the Bolts pounding the Pussies… I mean Cats.

By 9:30 PM I was greeted at home with a letter addressed from “CLASS ACTION.” Naturally, my first reaction was, “FUCK!! What did I do now??!??!?!” But after I opened it I realized that I was being paid off. Apparently, a class action lawsuit was filed against TicketMaster in 2009 for the sketchy operation they were running with their own reselling website TicketsNow. I had only used TicketsNow twice, as the prices were usually a little bit higher than they were on other reseller websites. One thing I did like about them, however, was that you could tease them. If you so much as looked at a pair of tickets, and then left the site, as soon as you came back, they’d offer you a discount to buy.

Apparently, TicketMaster got into hot water for allegedly over-inflating ticket prices to Canadians especially. As a result, TicketMaster was encouraged to settle, and it was decided that the amount of $36 per ticket sold would be reimbursed to everyone who has used the site. Now, I definitely overpaid by MORE than $36 per ticket, but I also went to the games and had great seats. I mean, people come to these reseller sites knowing that they are going to overpay, and usually we are OK with it or we simply wouldn’t do it. Obviously, when I travel, my first priority is to get a ticket from the team’s box office, but in some markets that is just not an option. My point is, for me at least, I used TicketsNow knowing that I would be overpaying. My tickets were real, and I had a great time at the games. Getting any sort of money back is just gravy, and my cheque has already been reinvested in a hockey ticket for a game in Winnipeg. Getting ripped off on Leafs tickets has never felt sooooo good! :)

Top Photo: Living it up in the Platinum Club at the Air Canada Centre prior to the Leafs tilt with Phoenix in 2009-10 – just one of my games courtesy of TicketsNow.

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