August, 2012

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Jock Sniffing 101: How to blow Gary Bettman’s comments way out of proportion.

Consider this your token August post as I don’t have time for this crap due to making preparations for my return to Canada.

LIKE OMG Commissioner Bettman called NHL fans “the world’s best,” so let’s take offense to it because some douche bag at the Globe and Mail says we should. OK… Fuck off, please and thanks. I swear this is it for me. I officially hate hockey. I don’t hate the sport itself, but rather hockey as a governing entity. At this point I can’t stand the players, and this mass of ever-retarding jock sniffers and wag whores make me personally ashamed to have ever associated myself with the identity of “hockey fan.”

If you have brain cells, you will likely have come out of reading my little rant there with a sort of intellectual confusion. You may be asking yourself, “Was that all Bettman said? Doesn’t he say that in pretty much every press conference he gives?” He sure the fuck does.

Newsflash, assholes. If the NHL locks out in September for one year or even two (and was still able to get up and running again after all that garbage), are you telling me you WON’T support the League again out of “principle?!” Principle of what? You’re just pissed off because a bunch a rich bitches with skinny bitch wives are going to (hypothetically) make you miss the premiere of your favourite show on TV this fall. It’s funny when you think about how our undying love and financial contributions to the game are essentially what is fueling the flames of their greed. As a fan (with your wits about you), you can’t really take a side in this fight. No matter who wins, we’re definitely not reaping any rewards from it. Kinda makes you wonder why fans are so up in arms the way they are about the whole thing. Lockout or no lockout, nothing really changes for us.

Naturally, the jock sniffers of the world will be mounting… I mean, backing… the Players, and likely producing BS news articles as a way to further vilify their opposition… i.e. Bettman *AHEM.* Think about it. Does supporting your favourite fucking sport after a lockout make you a doormat? Are you supposed to walk away from the game you love and support the alternative (that doesn’t exist, I might add) just to prove a point that you’re pissed you had to wait for the boys club to sort out their pocket books? I would say showing support after a lockout, like we all did in 2005-06 when hockey came back, makes you a perfectly average hockey fan. Bettman didn’t call you a doormat. This “Bruce Dowbiggin” did.

Read the tripe here.

P.S. I like swearing.

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