October, 2011

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday: Hockey Halloween Costumes

Somewhere on the Eastern shore of Japan Boo! Even though Halloween is practically over here in Japan, I know you kids over in NHL Land are just waking up to all the ghoulish fun that October 31st has to offer. So, in honour of this demonic day, I’ve thrown together (rather quickly, I might add) a special Halloween edition of Top 10 Tuesday for those of you that are in desperate need of some last minute costume ideas. Enjoy, and good luck! And for all you guys out there, I hope the chick dressed the sluttiest at your Halloween party gives you her digits (among other things)! Happy Halloween!!!

10. Mike Ricci After Spa

So fresh and so clean, clean…

9. Generic Puck Bunny

Re: Top Photo – Don’t judge me!

8. Commissioner Gary Bettman

Oooh spooky!

7. Scott Hartnell Playoff Edition

Be at your best, and hairiest all night long!

6. Dr. Jacques Plante


5. Don Cherry on a Saturday

Now you, too, can dress like Grapes for Halloween without having to blow a million bucks on a ridiculous suit!

4. Mike Zigomanis and Jiri Tlusty at the SAME TIME.

Give it up for Amateur Night, ladies and gentlemen!

3. Random Flyers Fan

The Halloween costume that ensures you’ll weaken the bladder of all those you come in contact with.

2. Southern Market Hockey Wife and/or Girlfriend

What big paws you have…

1. Count Bobby Clarke

He vaaants to breaaaak your ankle mwah ha ha ha….

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

The NHL Comeback

Somewhere on the Eastern shore of Japan It may still seem like a long way off to you, but for the three Psychos of the Psycho Lady Hockey Network, our trip to NHL Land is approaching quite rapidly. We’re sitting at 73 days on the countdown! Our very own Psycho Bambi is naturally much more excited than the rest of us because, well, she’s become “needy” over here in the Asia League. Bambi has taken it upon herself to blog about our week by week preparations for the glorious return to NHL hockey, as well as some of the “things” (read: players) she’s looking forward to seeing and/or doing. Make sure you check in on her (super budget) blog, Bambi’s Locker, every week for all the puck bunny goodness, and top secret intel on which teams we will actually be seeing in December and January. Click here to check out her first post on her main reason for getting excited about our upcoming Canes game.

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