October, 2010

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Words of Wisdom from Cherry (My GAY Korean Friend)

On pick up lines:

“Hey little boy,

Sit your fat ass over here!”

And now for dancing!

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Dear Old Man Balls…?

The girls are buzzing about OMB a.k.a The American a.k.a. Mr. Non-Hockey-Butt on their sites, so I’m apparently supposed to say something about it on my blog. Well… truthfully I wasn’t really involved with this situation. Usually whenever he was around, I was hitting on handsome French and/or Australian men (Re: Continent Challenge). Bambi was WAY more involved, especially when he stepped out of line with P. Lady *makes whipping sound.* What I have noticed, however, is that dating in Korea, in general, is really just completely @#$%ed up!

1. People get together for no reason at all, though familiarity in an unfamiliar setting is probably a major factor.

2. You’ve probably @#$%ed someone who has @#$%ed at least one other person that you know, and nobody cares.

3. You’ve probably @#$%ed someone who you’d never even look at back at home. There’s International Hot, then there’s Because I’m in Korea Hot.

4. If you’re a guy, you have the advantage of people assuming you’re a millionaire, and if you’re a girl, the disadvantage of being thought a Russian prostitute *cough* Bambi.

5. Couples either never get serious, or get serious too quickly. I’ve already seen one couple walk down the aisle a mere four months after they started dating – and that wasn’t even dating exclusively. P.S. She’s not even pregnant!

The fact is people do crazy things when they are far away from home. Many people here consider this to be nothing more than an experience, so they go wild because they don’t consider this to be their real lives. Every time we watch Jersey Shore at the PC Bang, I’m always amused by the stupidity, but then suddenly remember that the community here is really no different – maybe a little more articulate, though.

In defense of the OMB hook up:

Truthfully, sometimes people aren’t consciously aware that they are experiencing culture shock, and so they look for something familiar to cling to. Now I’m not saying that was the case here coughitwascoughcough… After all, that American accent sure was off…eh?

Photo: P. Lady and OMB circa July, 2010. People also love to take pictures here…

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