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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

BizNasty on Twitter withdrawal, raising money for the homeless, and his Speedo.

Phoenix Coyote, Paul Bissonnette was quickly becoming the most popular and enjoyable NHL player on Twitter. He had his followers hooked and evidently dependent on his huge personality and completely uncensored wit. But then tragedy struck, and @PaulBizNasty vanished under the gavel of political correctness. The fans were devastated to say the least, but perhaps not more than Mr. BizNasty himself. Recently, and by that I mean, just now, Paul explained to Psycho Lady Hockey how he’s been coping with the loss of Twitter, starting up a new charity in Phoenix, and plotting to make his glorious return to the realm of 140 characters. So, read on and get your @PaulBizNasty fix here! Enjoy!

Psycho Lady Hockey: Before we get into this whole Twitter thing, what have you been up to over the off season? Anything scandalous?

Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette:
The off season has been good. The way most guys do it is when the season ends they take about 4 to 5 weeks off. No training, no working out, just relaxing. I also take that approach, maybe to a different level. I went to Vegas with four teammates a week after our season had ended, and had a blast. I wore a Speedo at all the pool parties. That started a rumor on the net – not true. After Vegas I came back to Phoenix for another 3 weeks and partied and golfed. When it was time to go, I packed my truck and drove back to Canada with Taylor Pyatt. All the ladies reading this probably just got wet [Psycho Lady: I actually did!]. Then when I got home I started training Monday through Friday. On the weekends is when I have my fun in the off season. I go to Toronto, I went back to Vegas *laughs,* London, Ontario, and Muskoka. As for the rest of summer, August is quiet. I’ll skate 3 times a week and train. I go back to Phoenix in late August.

Psycho: Aww you just made me homesick! So what happened with your Twitter account exactly? Are you planning a comeback?

BizNasty: The reason I had to delete my account was because my agent was worried about the Kovi comment. I understand where he’s comin’ from. I had a lot of fans laughing, and it was all in good fun, but some people take things to heart – whatever. I’m gonna lay off Twitter, but plan on coming back early in the season with an account. The fans need it.

Psycho: That’s great! But will you have to make changes to the way you tweet to ensure that your new account is more permanent?

BizNasty: As far as toning down my tweets, I’ll say, “Yeah,” but probably not.

Psycho: Hahaha excellent! OK, can you talk a little bit about your new #freebiznasty campaign for the homeless?

BizNasty: The #freebiznasty campaign is a “charity” that I’m starting, very small, for the homeless. If you followed me on Twitter, you would know how much I love the homeless. I buy them food when I see them. Usually try not to give them money ‘cause homeless people tend to hit the booze. Basically, I do it because they live a hard life on the street. We don’t know their story and their struggles. So, help them out, baby!

Psycho: Wow that’s awesome. The shirts are great, by the way. So, why do you think @PaulBizNasty was so popular with the hockey community on Twitter?

BizNasty: Why do I think mine was popular? Because I put myself out there. I know if I was a fan, I’d wanna see the cool stuff that athletes do with their leisure time. I have fun with showing the crazy shit that I do.

Psycho: Very true. I’m sure most fans get bored reading about the morning skate every day. Well, we all know that your fans are suffering from @PaulBizNasty withdrawal, but how are you coping with the lack of Twitter? Are there any particular accounts that you miss following?

BizNasty: It blows. I’ve had so much funny stuff that has happened since. I still take pictures just in case, but it’s not the same without it. It’s like I lost my first child *laughs.* I didn’t really have a favourite Twitter to follow. I didn’t find anyone’s entertaining enough. I found it way better having fans tweet me directly telling me to check out cool websites like dontevenreply.com. I love that site now. The fans would tell me to check stuff out all the time. It was a two way street.

Psycho: Since you won’t be back on Twitter for another month or so, can I get a @PaulBizNasty style tweet for your fans and followers who are still having the shakes over the loss?


Thanks to Mr. BizNasty for sharing his sparkling personality with me. Fans who are still trembling on the bathroom floor because Paul is not on Twitter, can dust off the old Facebook machine and connect with him that way. Click here to add him as a friend on the Face. Also, make sure you check out saucehockey.com to order your BizNasty T-shirts in support of the #freebiznasty campaign. I want one. Does anyone know if they will ship to Korea?!

Top Photo: When I think Paul Bissonnette, I think black water manties. You’re welcome, ladies!

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