March, 2010

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Farewell Tour (Day 5): My encounter with W2.

Washington, DC After a ninety minute taxi at Kennedy Airport, we only arrived in Buffalo an hour behind schedule. My parents were bent on taking a shuffle back to the parking lot where our respective cars awaited. I normally just walk to the lot. It’s not far at all; probably takes five minutes max! Anyway, while we’re standing there, I see a cart pull up with about four hockey bags in it. This naturally awoken Bambi from her dormant post-Korea announcement state – she’s really not happy about this. After I noticed the bags, I noticed the owner; it was Wayne Gretzky’s daddy.

Strangely, Walter, or W2 as he refers to himself, decided to come over and chat with us. I feel like I’ve probably met the man before. I’ve at least seen him in enough places throughout my entire life. Hasn’t everyone? My mother, of course, HAD to brag about Psycho Lady Hockey. She’s so God damn proud in front of other people. She doesn’t even read this site. Naturally, all I could do at this moment was look shocked as the image of Gretzky’s face next to Princess Diana’s flashed before my eyes. I’m sorry, but they DO look alike – that wasn’t supposed to be mean!

Anyway, I think the highlights of the experience for me were Father Gretzky explaining the whole W2 thing, (apparently, Wayne is W1, and whenever a company can’t get W1 they call in W2. Also, don’t make light of this situation, as W2 will attempt to mock fist fight you LOL), and I also enjoyed his rendition of the Waterloo hockey cheer. He’s like a grandpa to everyone, and he takes parking shuttles just like you and me LOL!

After the W2 experience I set out for my seven hour drive to Washington, DC. The drive was very…umm… engaging, which is not the best thing for overnight travel. Basically, I had to make turns every twenty miles or so, so no relaxing two hundred mile spurts. Anyway, I’m on my way to Verizon Center now for the Caps/Sens game tonight. Then, I begin the trek to Dallas – wonder how far I’ll get!

I wondered if, perhaps, my W2 encounter was the sign I was looking for to go to Phoenix. After all, W1 (and family) is a major part of the organization and its history. Plus, the game I was planning to see in AZ was the Oilers game! Later that night on my drive, I heard a song that reminds me of certain invalid members of the Coyotes community. I have made my decision. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what choice I made.

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Most memorable road track: Phoenix (Coyotes) 2009-10!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Farewell Tour (Day 4): Canadian, born Germany.

New York, NY Finally, my last day in New York City, and I couldn’t have been happier. Don’t get me wrong, I love New York, but I personally like to enjoy it in the non-touristy way. My mother, on the other hand (anal retentive), prefers to have a non-stop, boring agenda all day everyday complete with tour maps. Kill me.

Yesterday was another “great” museum day at MoMA. I opted to make my own fun by following around pretentious people and talk through my teeth while standing behind them, “MMM yessss this piece is JUUUUST brilliant!” I was also inspired to create a series of work involving pigs entitled, Mother. The Tim Burton exhibit was really great, mind you. Of course, it was super packed and I would have loved to crosscheck about a thousand people! By the way, what’s up with this painting? I didn’t get close enough to see who painted it, but it’s hanging in the lobby. Yes, I do have the sense of humour of a sixteen year old boy.

When my mom first propositioned this trip to Manhattan for my sister’s birthday, I figured I’d be able to get at least one NHL game in. I can’t believe my terrible luck that not ONE of the three New York area teams (Rangers, Islanders, Devils) were playing at home this weekend. It has been a very long weekend, and I hate everyone. At least I had a Philly Cheeseteak from Katz Deli (When Harry Met Sally) for dinner!

Anyway, I’m off to the airport in three hours and bound for Buffalo! Later tonight Lynxie and I are hitting the road and bound for this nation’s capital, which is also the heartland of the Psycho Lady Hockey haters club! Naturally, I couldn’t leave the continent without first paying them a visit *grins.*Can’t wait!

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Most memorable road track: Philadelphia (Flyers) 2007-08!

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