September, 2009

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday: Glorious Google Hits.

Over the nine months that Psycho Lady Hockey has been up and running, I have had thousands of Google hits from all over the world. After filtering through the standard searches for me, Sean Avery, and the Phoenix Coyotes’ wives, some of the more abstract keywords really make me laugh. This week’s Top 10 Tuesday lists some of my favourite Google searches that have led the unsuspecting Internet user to my precious blog. If any of these hits are from you, then you are to be commended on your tremendous web browsing skills, and you should feel proud that you made my list this week! Enjoy!

10. Gongshow huge lipper.
Landing Page:
Main Page
Hey there, Tier II hockey star! Killing time after curf with the old Internet machine, eh? Here’s your Surgeon General’s Warning

9. The world’s biggest tittiest.
Landing Page:
All Star Games are the anti-Viagra.
Not here, buddy! I don’t have implants.

8. Old lady shakes finger at Flyers Penguins game.
Landing Page:
Philadelphia (Days 1 & 2): Toronto is not a state!
This came up a few times. Did I somehow miss this during the game?

7. I have a bunny skin on my head.
Landing Page:
Hockey fan or puck bunny? The answer is skin deep.
I’m happy for you…*clap clap*

6. What hockey players have you slept with?
Landing Page:
Down the Rabbit Hole: Puck Bunny Quiz
Who was this person even asking? If they aren’t 30 goal scorers, why bother bragging?

5. Do the psychics say Balsillie gets the Coyotes?
Landing Page:
May Archive
Well, I know what my psychics say about it, but I’m going to keep that to myself for now WINK!

4. How can I get lady for sex without money?
Landing Page:
Will NOT have sex for carbs or money!
Hmm…even hand lotion costs money. Guess you’re screwed, and not in the way you’d like to be.

3. What to do about underage puck bunny?
Landing Page:
Main Page.
My blog got a surprising amount of jail bait related Google hits. Guess online predators really do exist! P.S. Look how cute the bunny is!! He’s just small!

2. Does Taylor Pyatt sleep with puck bunnies?
Landing Page:
Main Page
Back off, bitch, he’s mine! Just KIDDING! I wouldn’t sleep with him, I’d just SNUGGLE with him! Re: #1

1. Why do hockey players have blue balls?
Landing Page:
When your friends don’t like hockey…
Yes, I am the reason.

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Chris Pronger’s sister/wife and my new column at Illegal Curve!

Don’t you love Wikipedia?! Upon doing a seemingly mundane Google search for Chris Pronger yesterday, I discovered a massive Google fail. After Wikipedia had cleared out what can only be assumed was fake content directly from Pronger’s page, Google was still using the joke material in its cached version of the site. For those of you who missed my tweets about my major discovery, and never got a chance to see it for yourselves, this is what was coming up as the top Google search for the Flyers new d-man:

Chris Pronger was born in the Gumdrop Forrest in 1782. He is currently living in Haddonfield, New Jersey with his sister/wife and two inbred sons…

My hat is off to this Wiki-prankster! I’ve also decided that my new favourite word is “sister/wife,” and I will try to claim said word by using it as many times as I possibly can in the this post.

Moving on to more serious business, my new weekly column debuted this afternoon at IllegalCurve.com. I am co-writing a new segment called Battle of the Sexes with IC’s own sister/wife, Rusty “Dangles” Parra. Basically, each week Rusty and I will have it out over one relevant hockey issue in a three-round debate. I am currently the only female listed in Illegal Curve’s Columnists section, and I was extremely honoured that such a notable hockey site would approach me to fill the double-X chromosome role on Battle of the Sexes.

Before I send you over to Illegal Curve to check out this week’s installment, I need to warn my fellow Coyotes fans out there that this week’s topic was moving the ’Yotes to Hamilton, and I had the pro-Hammer side. Now before you go crying to your sister/wife, remember that, just like a good lawyer, a master debater (WINK) can argue both sides of the issue. I’m a seventh grade debating champ right here! Someone had to be the bad man, and that someone is me! So, if you can’t handle this week’s column, then don’t click here to read it. You can always check it out next week!


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