April, 2009

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Phoenix Coyotes for Toronto’s second NHL team!

With the second round of NHL playoffs beginning tonight and only a matter of weeks before hockey takes a vacation for the summer, many people have asked what I plan to do in the off season. Truthfully, I was planning to run features on past road trips, etc from the time before Psycho Lady Hockey came to be until free agency began, but this morning an article in the Toronto Star provided me with a new raison d’être.

The Star ran an article on the Coyotes’ dire future in the desert. Apparently, there are many parties interested in moving them or another struggling sun belt team to Southern Ontario. Of course, this makes the most sense financially. A team in the GTA would make $100M a year easily (though, officials have said it is more realistically between $400M and $600M a year)! As it is the residents of the Golden Horseshoe are supporting not only the Leafs, but also the Sabres, and I even know some that have invested in seasons in Ottawa and Detroit! Clearly we are desperate for more local hockey! A team where we can actually invest in season seats without being placed on a waiting list for five years! Vaughan seems like the perfect place!

However, I’m not an idiot! I know Bettman is completely against moving another team to Canada even if it means the league collapses on itself. He’d rather move, nay EXPAND, the league to Kansas City and Las Vegas. Apparently, Bettman doesn’t mind that the Kansas City Scouts only managed to survive in the N for two years, and Vegas?!?! Come on, who has time between booze, black jack, and bad Elvis impersonators for hockey??! It’s like Bettman wants to self-destruct! Why take the easy guaranteed money that a stable second Toronto based team will generate, when you can test the waters in shaky and previously failed territory! The Atlanta Flames only did well when they moved to Calgary! And what happened when Atlanta was granted another club? Well, I think you all know the mess that is going on down in Georgia with the Thrashers.

So, I have become committed to the movement of the Phoenix Coyotes to the Greater Toronto Area. If you are a disgruntled Toronto, Canadian, true blue hockey fan, or simply a fan of the soap opera that has been Psycho Lady Hockey since the trade deadline, then support this cause! Maybe we won’t get anywhere, but as the great Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take!”

Stay tuned for further discussion on this topic. I have one more exam to go so be patient with me! In the mean time you can join the fan page on facebook! If you have something to say on the topic, then feel free to comment on this post, or email me at psycholadyhockey@hotmail.com!

Picture: Gretz and I contemplate a new game plan!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

And then I went to Switzerland: Canada vs. Hungary (Part II)

Saturday was Team Canada’s off day, and so it was my day to go exploring! I was awake before 6 AM so I killed time getting my groove on to the videos on Euro MTV. This MTV actually played music videos, and I have to admit I became addicted to that Super Sweet Sixteen show! I guess that’s what happens when CNN is the only other channel in English! The problem with their music videos was that songs would repeat every half hour, but it was OK, I learned to love every single one of those six songs!

Around noon I took the train from the airport to central Zurich! I went exploring in all the fun old shops and churches! After walking around town for four hours, I realized how out of shape weeks of uninterrupted studying in front of my computer had made me. My feet have never hurt so much! When I returned back to the hotel, I had planned to head over to the rink and check out the atmosphere for when two non-Canadian teams are facing off. But instead I fell asleep!

For my last day, I switched hotels again. Team Hungary and Team Denmark were staying at this hotel. That was kind of cool because Canada was playing Hungary that night! Team Hungary left for the rink at the same time as I did. All rules and NHL procedures were out the window! And it didn’t stop there! The Arena Zurich-Kloten did not provide any information on which side of the ice was for the home and away teams. So, I decided to sit behind the net on one side of the rink for both games, so that I would at least have Canada on my side for one of the games, as they were away the first night and home the second. Canada was on the opposite side of the ice from me the first night, and it stayed that way for all three preliminary games! This is odd because in a multi-team tournament there is more than one home team. Also, Canada just alternated jerseys every game. That made no sense either because for game one they were away and for the second two games they were home, yet they did not wear the same jersey for games two and three! This made me grumpy!

Canada scored nine unanswered goals and shut out Hungary for the win! Once again, not exactly exciting, but at least I got to cheer a lot! There were hordes of Hungarian fans at the rink, and I actually believe MOST of them travelled the 1000 kms just to come and watch their team lose and bang their drums! They were loving every minute of it too! Back at the hotel, the fans waited in the lobby for the bus to arrive. The team received a continuous standing ovation from all the fans until every single one of the players had retired to their rooms for the night!

The next morning I was back on a plane headed for home. I was unable to get tickets for Canada’s third preliminary game, so I saw no sense in staying longer! I have never been so happy to go home. Normally, I love travelling on my own. It gives me time to reflect, do my own thing, and answer to no one. Maybe it was my lack of cell phone and msn, or the fact that the TV didn’t speak English, or a combination of the two, but I felt really lonely wandering around Zurich on my own! I was actually excited to be facing another long flight. I had planned out all the movies I wanted to watch in flight and everything!

This time I knew the season really was over. After my game in Phoenix, I had this feeling that something was going to come up and that the Coyotes last game of the season wouldn’t actually be my last game! Now I know the season really is over! Phoenix, Toronto, Ottawa, and Buffalo didn’t make playoffs, and Philly and Montreal are both out in the first round, so it is unlikely that I will get any playoff games in! And that is sad. Now I have five months to sit and stew! I am slowly going crazy 1-2-3-4-5-6 switch!

Picture: I’m hiding to the left of the Hungarian goal!

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